#rp15 & MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin: Media as the central link

In 2015, the MEDIA CONVENTION on May 5 and 6 and the re:publica (May 5 to 7) will be a hybrid of two conferences, but with only one ticket (as previously announced). So, just to make sure there aren’t any misunderstandings: one ticket guarantees you access to ALL the sessions at the re:publica and the MEDIA CONVENTION, no matter how they’re labelled.

The Media Board and State Media Authority Berlin-Brandenburg (mabb) both curated a stage each at the MEDIA CONVENTION. Thematically, the focus will be on the inherent tension between creative and technological processes: featuring talks on algorithms, search engines and social networks, video platforms, moving image strategies and Generation YouTube, as well as discussions about video on demand, and on the future of television.

The re:publica program team has also curated a stage at the MEDIA CONVENTION, and we’d like to take the time to introduce it to you. The following will be happening at Stage 6 on the first floor of the STATION Berlin:

We’ve turned our attention towards the new role played by those who formerly were only the recipients of media and put forward various issues and questions in our panels and talks: agenda setting from the bottom up, media criticism, from investigation and exposure to brutal attacks – what should the "5th Power", as Bernhard Pörksen’s lecture is titled, be doing and what kinds of activity should they be leaving well alone? Carrying on from there, we also have the panel on media ethics.

Following the principle of transcendence, we slowly move from the demand side of things to the providers. We let teenagers explain the internet to us: four students dispel typical stereotypes about young people, such as that they aren’t interested in data protection or buying records. They explain to us how mobile apps like SnapChat are being used to counteract the culture of the perfect selfie, how "YouNow" is moving into children’s bedrooms and they give us insights into just how normal it has become to see naked pics of your neighbour.

You don’t have to play along with everything: at the moment, journalistic publications seem to be chasing every last hype just to make sure they’re able to survive in the "war for content". We show that it doesn’t always have to work that way. Look forward to a poetry slam, dub experiments and YouTube interludes.

You can find all the above-mentioned sessions at Stage 6 on May 5 and 6. Use the "media convention" tag to find the complete coverage of sessions on the topic of media featured on all the MEDIA CONVENTION stages.

As mentioned, this is just a quick look at the media topics being discussed at this year’s MEDIA CONVENTION and doesn’t come close to giving you a proper taste of the wide range on offer. It goes without saying that there will be a lot more happening on the various stages. Exciting speakers like Reed Hastings, Nonny de la Peňa and Ethan Zuckerman have already been announced, but others like Dieter Gorny, Tim Renner, LeFloid and Marie Meimberg from 301+ will also be dropping in. Stop by the MEDIA CONVENTION stages and see for yourself!