The re:publica Schedule Is Out!

As of today, half of the conference sessions are now available in a clear schedule format. This is a great starting point for preparing your re:publica visit: Now you can make individual session plans for a total of 16 stages and workshop rooms at #rp15. The remaining sessions will follow over the course of the next few weeks. As an overview, we are presenting the first program highlights and sub-conferences here – but many more will follow soon. Looking forward!

On May 5 and 6, the MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin will occupy three stages with a strong focus on the media industry, one of which is curated by re:publica. In the end, the connection between these two conferences is a special interest in media issues. The successful collaboration between re:publica and MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin last year has been extended once more – not only in terms of contents, but also by introducing a joint ticket.

MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin – the International Congress for the Media Industry
The MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin has become even more international, innovative and diverse this year. Numerous events on three stages, all about film, television, platforms, digitization, regulation, or new journalism formats, will take place on May 5th and 6th. In terms of contents, this year the conference is particularly concerned with the tension between creative and technological processes: from algorithms and social networks to motion picture strategies, from the YouTube generation and Video on Demand to the future of television. (More here.)

Future City – The Science Year 2015 Sub-Conference
#rp15 participants can find out more about the city of the future, at the intersection of technology, society and sustainability, as part of the German Science Year 2015 – Future City. There will be a separate track with interesting talks, panels and workshops on this particular topic. (More)

Wearables and More: #FASHIONTECH BERLIN @ re:publica
The term Wearables, referring to a blending of fashion and technology, is gaining importance. #FASHIONTECH BERLIN identifies points of contact between these two areas, once so strictly separated: new techniques, exciting trends and innovative projects all around gadgets, hacking and design are presented here. One of the talks is by Thomas Andrae, Director of 3M New Ventures, for example, on the latest developments in the field of Internet of Things and Wearables. (More)

Innovators From All Over the World Coming to Berlin: Global Innovation Gathering
For the third time, the Global Innovation Gathering (GIG) will be connecting innovation hub managers, hackers, makers and entrepreneurs from Asia, Africa and Latin America, and inviting them to present their innovative (technology) projects at re:publica. A network of participants has developed out of GIG that stays in touch throughout the year. (Read more.)

For the First Time: re:cord MusicDay
With our new re:cord MusicDay, for the first time there will be a special focus on music at re:publica! Big Data, streaming services, Open Source, and many other topics will all be discussed on May 7th, the third day of #rp15, within this new sub-conference. One of the highlights is Music Tech Fest founder, Michela Magas, speaking about Big Data for talent scouting in record companies. (More here.)

Health in Times of the Net – re:health Track
The re:health track has been a core topic at re:publica for years. This conference track is dedicated to questions like the digitization of healthcare, how society can handle these issues and which opportunities could arise. (Read more over here.)

Net Politics
Of course, there will also be numerous #rp15 sessions dealing with the complex issues of net politics (Netzpolitik). True to our motto, Finding Europe, topics like surveillance, encryption, copyright, net neutrality, or digital civil rights are illuminated from a European context. In the area of surveillance and society, one of the special highlights is the contribution by sociologist Zygmunt Bauman (read our portrait here), who is presenting an update on his ideas about the control society considering current-day technology.

re:learn – New Approaches in Education
We are generally interested in topics like children’s Internet use – some of the topics here include surveillance in the educational system, Reality Gaming in schools, Family 2.0, civic (or net politics) education on YouTube, or the ethical dimensions of programming, as highlighted in the sessions on “Code + Ethics”, or “Critical Technology Education”.

re:think Mobility – Mobility of the Future
Fostering a safe and comfortable future for mobility, thinking about new concepts, or questioning existing ones – that is the mission of the re:think Mobility sub-conference, supported by Daimler along with its mobility division moovel. So how will humans and machines actually communicate in the “Shared Spaces” of the future? And what can civil society contribute? Will the use of upcoming technologies become more intuitive with improved gesture and voice controls? These are some of the questions debated and discussed within the mobility track. Trailblazers and travellers will speak up, engineers, futurologists and robotics researchers will all take a peek at the future, together with the #rp15 participants.

Law Lab – Lawyers on Copyright, Media Law, Privacy & Co.
The legal situation regarding publishing via social media and other online platforms is frequently confusing, and in some cases, simply not well known. To address this issue, the re:publica is arranging a “Law Lab” for the very first time. In a series of eight sessions and workshops, experienced legal scholars and lawyers will give an introduction to the most crucial aspects of Internet publishing law.

photo credit: re:publica (CC BY-SA 2.0)