16:15 - 17:15
Europe – playing hard to get

Short thesis

A non-western, global perspective on Europe and its role within the international digital economy :

Where are the global hot spots when it come to digital innovation? What European digital hotspots are visible to the rest of the world? How are they perceived to differ from Silicon Valley? What is special about them?


How easy is Europe making it to find its digital hubs? In what ways do Europe’s digital hubs try to connect to the rest of the world, in particular, what efforts are there to network with hubs outside of the US?  How are physical travel and visa issues making it hard to engage in business activities for startups and entrepreneurs? Speakers will share their personal experiences, including being jailed on the way to speak at re:publica, as well as representing the start-up and innovation economies in Asia, Africa, the USA and South America and their views on the digital state of the European Union.


This session is part of the GIG programme.