#rp15 on the Berlin Underground!

If you recall, last year during re:publica, the Berlin U-Bahn (Underground) TV channel presented topics all around digital society and culture. We wanted to reach a wider audience and show that these issues are relevant to the whole of society. And of course, we want to do it again for #rp15! Starting today on April 8, 2015, our brand new trailer video is on display on all 3,800 screens of the “Berliner Fenster” passenger TV channel, informing about the event at the STATION-Berlin in May.

During the conference, “re:publica TV” will feed news items and information from the digital sphere to the “Berliner Fenster” program loop. In collaboration with netzpolitik.org and “Berliner Fenster”, we will maintain an editorial office on site during the conference, offering background information on different speakers, updates and impressions from the event, security tips and tools, book recommendations, and much more. And of course, news from the Twittersphere also won’t be forgotten: Like we did for the first time last year, we are again including images and comments from Twitter and Instagram in the passenger TV program, which runs on all of the underground lines of the Berlin U-Bahn.

On each day of the conference, there will be up to 16 different news items from the re:publica included in the “Berliner Fenster” broadcast. In this manner, contents from the conference that is relevant to the whole of society will reach up to 1,5 million passengers a day, providing general information as well as deeper insights into key developments in the digital society.

Starting today, our #rp15 trailer is on display on all the subway info screens!