re:think Mobility: Human and Machine

How will man and machine actually communicate in the shared space of the future? And what contribution can society make so that living together works smoothly? Can technology be used more intuitively using gestures and voice control? Strong women and well-travelled men will have their say at the sub-conference re:think mobility, when engineers, future researchers and robotics experts hazard a look into the future together with participants. The Business Innovation team at Daimler and moovel will be presenting exciting sessions in the sub-conference re:think mobility, and some interactive surprises on the stand.

Daimler has now been a partner of re:publica 2015 for the fourth time. This year, in line with its motto, the conference focuses on the discovery of new digital ideas in the European cultural arena. With the aim of creating new connections and bringing people together.

In this year's re:think mobility sessions (chose the re:think mobility track under "sessions") we will take a journey into the future with autonomous vehicles and robots, and into the possibilities of voice and gesture control. In his session, future researcher Alexander Mankowsky will use the example of the "F 015 Luxury in Motion" research vehicle to report on progress in the area of autonomous driving, and discuss the relationship between man and autonomous robots in the future.

Apart from these technical topics, the "Female Leadership" session will discuss the topic of female quotas and furtherance of women in Europe. Are these only empty promises on the part of industry and politics? What is the actual reality? Particularly in view of the extremely high female participation rate of 40 percent at re:publica, we hope to provide new ideas on this subject and also receive them during the question & answer session.

Moreover, that is precisely why we wish to create a comfortable atmosphere on our stand, and offer a place for the participants of #rp15 to make contact and exchange views. The re:publica sub-conference will be colourful – to this end we have come up with some exciting interaction which will make movement and mobility tangible, and directly subject to the influence of every visitor.

Our tickets have been booked, the suitcases are packed and we look forward to a stimulating event. We hope you will accompany us on the journey.