Renowned Illustrators and Comic Artists Capture re:publica 15 Live

Will you once again have to choose between numerous workshops, talks, and events? No worries. Anna Lena Schiller is a visual thinking expert and will be using her live-illustration skills to round up the key facts and findings at re:publica 15.

Anna Lena Schiller will use the visualization technique called graphic recording to sum up the most intriguing insights of this year's highlight talks at re:publica 15 using the hashtag #rp15xAdobe, with the support of official re:publica partner Adobe.

Anna Lena Schiller, an expert in visual thinking and live-illustration, listens carefully and boils the re:publica talks down to their very essence, using her tablet-PC to illustrate the key findings in beautiful artworks, graphics and tag clouds. She will capture the Wow moments of re:publica 15, while creating some Wow moments of her own with her artwork. Adobe will share all her creations immediately via Twitter (@annalena, @Adobe4Edu, @AdobeDACH) and Facebook (www.facebook.com/AdobeEduDACH, www.facebook.com/AdobeDACH) during re:publica 15, using the hashtag #rp15xAdobe.

Poof! Bam! Pow! The re:publica 15 as a Comic

Instead of infographics, would you rather experience the highlights of the re:publica 15 as a multimedia comic? If so, you will love what Johannes Kretzschmar (@beetlebum), Tim Gaedke (@doppeltim) and Jeff Yan-Tao Chi (@kroko_dok) are up to: the three successful illustrators will be using their digital pens to capture the most important re:publica sessions in comic book style artworks using the hashtag #rp15xAdobe as well.

Graphic Recording Using Adobe Creative Cloud

Whether you are working on a laptop, tablet or PC – the Adobe Creative Cloud provides you with total access to all your creations, regardless of the location you are working at or the device you are working with. In a working environment that’s shifting towards out-of-home offices, Adobe CC enables a fully connected learning and working experience for everyone.  

The professional graphic recorders will be documenting re:publica 15 with Adobe Creative Cloud. With new, connected Creative Cloud apps and services, creatives have all the tools and assets they need to create amazing work across desktop and mobile devices.

In addition to the visual artists, Adobe will also send two student reporters to document re:publica with texts, images and short videos through @Adobe4Edu and https://www.facebook.com/AdobeEduDACH.

If you are interested in meeting the artists, you might consider attending their sessions at re:publica 15 in German language:

Annalena Schiller: http://re-publica.de/session/sketchnotes-fuer-einsteiger-0

Johannes Kretzschmar, Tim Gaedke and Jeff Yan-Tao Chi (with Lisa Neun): http://re-publica.de/session/elektronische-comic-quartett