New Europe, New Work: Does the New Work Begin With Your Out of Office Notification?

Doing research about digital Europe and the new in an “old world” requires Microsoft to check what we need for this journey. How do we want to work in the future? How much liberté, égalité, fraternité are we taking along with us?

We have left behind time clocks, cufflinks and rigid hierarchies, just as the emancipation of place and time. The world of work is changing and with it the people, as they do not consider “work” as a “job” any longer. The digitalization enables them to work anywhere, anytime, regardless of whether printer paper or instant coffee are or are not within reach.

We Want Responsibility for Ourselves and Our Work

We were "Into the Wild" and have nailed the Manifest for New Working to the door at #rp14. In 2015, we will be committed to re:publica once again to find combatants, masterminds and innovative thinkers for life #OutofOffice. People who help us shake off the old dust. We want to know what tools we lack and how we manage to close the gap. Because we want to open the floodgates to the architects of the world of work that we once used to be in Europe.

One thing is clear: we do not only need technological change to achieve this goal. For new work does not only imply the opportunity of working in the home office, redesigning an email client or receiving a fancy smartphone from your boss: in fact, it is a challenge for society in general. The transformation of the world of work will be set in motion only if all facets intermesh with clockwork precision and if we succeed in combining the factors people, places and technologies in a useful way. Let’s take back work to where it has always originated from: to the people.

#OutofOffice Represents a Dialog Away from the Conference Table

These are the issues we will be discussing on #rp15, inter alia, with Richard Gutjahr, Anna Kaiser, Fabian Sixtus Körner, Holm Friebe, Max Neufeind or Catharina Bruns. How, when and where will this new world of work take place? What needs to happen in order to turn the new way of work into a reality across the board? Does the answer to the new world of work begin with an out of office notification?

In a direct dialog, we will be defining new status symbols. Because incentives from the last decade such as desk flowers, “rolling” paychecks and suits are unlikely to herald the digital economic miracle.

So: set up your out of office notification, come out of your offices, get rid of your “nine to five“ bonds, and continue with us the debate about the essential tools and next steps we need to take in (digital) Europe. #OutofOffice #rp15

Join the Discussion – Microsoft @re:publica 2015

May 5 | 4:00 pm: The path of the digital bohemian to #OutofOffice
Talk with Dr. Thorsten Hübschen (Microsoft Germany) & Holm Friebe (“We call it work“)

May 6  | 10:00 am: New Europe, new world of work – how, when and where will it take place?
Panel discussion, inter alia, with Dr. Thorsten Hübschen, Richard Gutjahr, Catharina Bruns, Fabian Sixtus Körner, Anna Kaiser, and Dr. Max Neufeind.