The German Web Video Prize: Anniversary Edition

For the fifth time, the best online video clips will be awarded the German Web Video Prize (Deutscher Webvideopreis). You can watch the nominated videos on the big screen, when the Web Video Prize cinema tour starts at #rp15!

Who needs the Oscars if we have the German Web Video Prize? The prize for the best and most original German-language web videos was founded in 2011. And like at the real Oscars, the selections are made by a proper academy – which has just announced its 33 nominees in 19 different categories for this year.  Starting from April 27, you can also vote for your own favourite clip online. The audience votes make up one half, and the academy determines the other.

And of course, you can also watch the nominated videos here with us at rp15: As a kick-off event for the second Web Video Prize Cinema Tour now starting across many large cities in Germany, the screening at #rp15 will take place on May 6, 18:30, on Stage 6, as part of the MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin. Last year, with six nominees per category, the screening turned into a four-hour marathon, but this time, with just three nominees in 11 categories, it will take just two condensed hours. Some of the nominees will also be present for additional Q&A sessions afterwards.

Your hosts for the evening are none other than the German YouTube stars Marie Meimberg (301+) and LeFloid. And we are expecting to see a fair number of other YouTubers cavorting about the STATION-Berlin too, so stay tuned!

For its fifth anniversary, the German Web Video Prize is not only touring the cinemas, but also honouring the winners in a grand TV gala event on June 13 in Düsseldorf.

German Web Video Prize Cinema Tour:
MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin, May 6, 2015, 18:30 (Stage 6).

photo credit: Jimmy_Joe "Roanoke Star II" (CC BY 2.0)